What are the best resources to find the right gay escort for you? There was a time when finding escorts was hard; the problem now is picking out of a quite crowded offer.

Welcome back to school

best resources

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The school year is well started, perhaps it is the right moment to go back to our School Series. So far we had a first lesson with a general intro to our hobby. Then followed a master class on how to make the first contact. The third lecture was about the always controversial topic of real and fake pictures. We closed the school year with a successful case study: Jaquan.

Before getting into the topic of best resources, I strongly recommend you to read those posts. Specially if you are a newbie in both ends of the industry, client or provider. Those previous posts are full of useful information if you are giving your first steps in our club.

In today’s lesson the discussion is about what our best resources are. It will be assumed that you know the basic stuff addressed in those earlier lessons. Things like how to protect your privacy, or etiquette, were all already covered and we are not going back there.

Let’s say that if we are going to discuss best resources, we can start by this blog. The lessons mentioned above are part of the information I Like Pinga offers you, as well as the Reviews and our Resources page, where many of the websites referenced below are listed and recommended. Please do not forget, you must support us.

Best resources to meet

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Whether you are a client or a gay escort, choosing the right websites for you is key. We are right now in a shifting moment. The market has been shaken by SESTA/FOSTA and changes are still going on. Traditional resources like Craig List and Backpage are not there anymore.

Many professionals in my circle shared that their business was deeply affected by those changes. Some of them even considered retiring.

It is now several months after the new legislation was passed, and the things seem to be stabilized. There are changes still happening, but overall the offer has migrated and concentrated mostly in a few outlets, somewhat simplifying the array of options.

Rentmen has absorbed a good deal of the guys who used to advertise in Backpage. So far the SESTA/FOSTA wave has strengthened Rentmen’s monopoly rather than weakening it. They offer the best service, measured by both quantity of the advertisers and quality of the technical features available. This blogger does not like monopolies, but if you are in this business you are quite doomed to Rentmen.

Another major outlet is Seeking, formerly Seeking Arrangement. They are still relevant, and you can take a look at my experiments in July 2017 here, here, and here.

Of course we are talking about the USA market. You have to check Sleepyboy if you are in the United Kingdom, Hunqz if you are in continental Europe, and soytuyo if you are in Argentina.

Those are the markets I know better. If you are in paces like Mexico, Brazil, or Thailandia, please share your wisdom in the comments below. Please, do it wherever you are, I mentioned those three countries just because I know there is significant traffic from there reading the blog.

Alternative best resources to meet

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Fortunately not all the offer from the vanished traditional outlets migrated to Rentmen. Two new players stand out in our market: Mintboys and Friendboys. 

Publishing in Rentmen can be costly if you are a newbie trying to generate some income. Both of these alternatives are offering free publication for your ads. You can pay a few extra dollars for a premium ad, but your picture and your advertisement could be out there for free.

I specially recommend Mintboys. Not only their servers are located abroad like Rentmen and Friendboy. Besides, since the very beginning they have shielded themselves very carefully of any wording that could sound like exchange of sex for money. This blogger is not a lawyer, but is confident that given an offensive against our online community, Mintboys will survive.

If you are a Black hottie thinking of trying the business, or a client into Black hotties, you should also check FreakWitMe. The website used to be HarcordThugz, and part of chocolatedrop.com, but this is who they are after SESTA/FOSTA.

Of course, we also have the PROS section of Adam4Adam. Surprisingly, they apparently have not received any benefits from the migration from Craig’s List and Backpage. 

I cannot stress more the importance of checking and using these alternative services instead of just going to Rentmen. You will find pearls still undiscovered, and much better fees. 

Best resources for researching, learning, and networking

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If you have a short list of candidates to hire, or if you are a new gay escort who just published his ad, you must be wondering what to do next. Research, Learn, Network. 

There are not enough words to highlight the usefulness and significance of these resources for our subculture: discussion forums. It is there where we build community and share positive and negative experiences. The amount of data in these sites would trigger an instantaneous and violent orgasm in any respectable anthropologist.

In the uncontested top position we have the M4M Message Forums. It is a very active and booming community, where you can exchange fresh information and even breaking news with some very reliable friends. Some members even organize a few gatherings around the USA, and all members are always invited without special invitation. The two most consistent and important events are Palm Springs and DC.

The M4M forums used to be associated to Daddy’s Reviews, being this divorce another sub product of the SESTA/FOSTA earthquake. Daddy’s Reviews is a huge data base of comments about gay escorts submitted by clients throughout decades. You should always check whether or not your candidates have an entry in this putipedia. 

If you are thinking of traveling to South America (specially Brazil), Mexico, Eastern Europe or South East Asia, you should check Boytoy. Besides having many advertising professionals from around the world, they also host an extremely useful discussion forum. I am studying the information there to plan my next visits to Brazil and Mexico.

In Argentina, we are lucky to have EscortsXP. Without the help from the friends there, this blogger would have never met outstanding gay escorts like Carlos, Douglas, and Randisan.

Not so best resources

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Everyone knows that hookup apps are a prolific source of meetings amongst clients and professionals. However, I would not place them in the list of the best resources.

That is because of a very simple reason. Serious professionals do publish a professional ad. 

Despite that fact (and making clear once again that I am not placing Grindr, Scruffs, and others alike in the list of best resources), I encourage you to make deals though the apps every time the opportunity presents. Just be aware that the chances to get a hustler with no interest in making you happy are higher here. 

It is kind of a bet. The good thing is that you can also find gold at the price of sugar. It happened to me during my visit to Corrientes, last July. Check my meeting with Forbidden Apple.

He now has an ad, that is why I can openly share my experience. If you want to share with someone that you hire through the apps, just be careful. There are assholes who report the boys who ask for money in these virtual communities.

Imaginative best resources

best resources

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Up to this point we addressed mostly traditional ways to look for a potential hire. However, Internet and Social Media give us extra possibilities if we apply just a little bit of creativity. I am sure we all are doing it, and you should share your secrets in he comments below. This blogger likes combining Pornhub with social media.

I love Pornhub and the way it has evolved. We are not yet far away from the times when the only free porn you would get was old, poor video quality material. Pornhub provides us full movies and clips from just released new productions in High Definition. You know that if you meet them in the streets, the guys still look like in the clip you are jerking off at. 

When a new performer stands out to my dick, my first move is checking whether he has an ad in Rentmen. If he does not, my next step is going to Twitter. Some of you prefer Facebook or Instagram, this blogger loves Twitter.

There is a caveat, though, but it does not affect you but my performance as a reviewer.

Usually the guys I hire do not know they are fucking with a prolific reviewer. The experience I can share afterwards is not contaminated by that knowledge. The guys I contact through Twitter know about my blog, and their performance when we meet could be influenced by that. 

What can be great for my pleasure, could be at the same time bad for my reviews validity. 

It is through Twitter that I am in contact with guys like Timarrie, Diego, Ali, Arvion, Krave, Chino, Pablo Bravo, and others. Finding porn can be equivalent to hunting for your next toy.

Nostalgia for the old resources

best resources

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Those are the best resources, in this blogger experience, we can go to in the Internet Age. I am sure many of you have other tricks, we would all appreciate it if you are willing to share your wisdom below in the comments. Online hiring (and hooking up for free) is a booming activity, and I enjoy it sublimely, even when I am actually an old school Daddy.

This blogger fondly remembers the times when the best resources were a bar, or a corner. I have moved on and fully embraced the new reality, but that does not mean that some times nostalgia takes over.

I specially miss the thrill of street or bar/disco hunting, all those long hours of searching for and stalking my pray. Cruising is over. Unfortunately, that thrill is not replaced by scouting for free sex in the apps. 

Unexplainably, the thrill is there, lighter but clearly there, when I am hunting for my next gay escort. Exploring the gay escorts websites, looking for references in the discussion forums, establishing rapport through texting or Twitter, all have became my closest substitute for the old thrill. 

My last traditional best resource was the now extinct Rockhard DC. Over there is where I met beautiful Lee and sweet Mark. It is hard to believe that in a city like DC there is no market for a gay bar with strippers and escorts to hung out around. 

Does anyone want to start a new business? I need a week end job.

Do no forget, we need you to support us.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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