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UPDATE: After we published this report, we received some bad and some good news. BAD NEWS: Kevin Ryder and XL have cancelled their trips to DC. GOOD NEWS: LondonLouie has just opened a profile in Rentmen and Chino Blac is coming to host one of the parties.

Black Pride 2019 escorts are in abundance. Anyway, if you are a client in DC you are lucky. Gay escorts are always abundant in the area, indeed.

DC Black Pride 2019

Memorial Weekend is almost here. If you are in the DC are, you know that means the city is about to be taken over by Black Pride. Although its importance faded throughout the last years of gentrification, it is still a major event for the local gay circuit.

You can check the calendar of events in the official website. Besides, some of the major parties (not all of them) are listed in Omega DC’s site.

Unfortunately we are not Black. Therefore, we will not be reporting much about the event. As the strong allies we are, we think that Black Pride is a time for the African American friends to celebrate and have fun amongst them.

However, we can take advantage of the significant number of hot men visiting us. First of all, you can always go hunting in hook up apps and bars. Secondly, you can hire available recognized escorts and escorting porn stars.

In this post, we are going to recommend some guys we have met; as well as to point out some others we would love meeting.

Escorts we recommend

Roy and Kavalier in action. The full video is available in our JustFor.Fans account.

First, let’s point to some local guys we can recommend. Our current favorite Roy Mason will be available. After a short trip to NYC this Thursday (attention New Yorkers), he will be the whole weekend waiting for your calls. I recommend this provider with no hesitation. We have become regulars and our meetings do not stop improving.

Besides Roy, you can also plan something with Kavalier. He is going to be busy performing, but will be available in between strip shows. Remember, the key to meet him is patience.

Finally, I can also recommend Lee. He is residing in Baltimore, so you should make that call with time enough to allow him a safe drive.

black pride 2019 escorts
That expression in his face is only for the pictures. In real life, his smile is always flashing. Kevin Ryder.

We also were fortunate to meet some of the visitors coming this weekend. Kevin Ryder is one of them. This man is gorgeous and comes to the city just a few times every year. Call him, you will not regret.

gay porn stars in DC best bottom 2018
Trap, picture available in our JustFor.Fans account

The amazing Trap will be also visiting the area. This versatile bottom will make you feel like one of his porn movies partners. Be ready to sweat if you decide to call him. You should.

Visitors we would love meeting

krave and XL wish list for Rhyheim Shabazz
Two of my favorite performers will be visiting DC. Here you have XL and Krave Melanin (Best Pingas Awards revelation 2018), kissing. I am a romantic after all. Movie available at BreedItRaw

These Black Pride 2019 escorts I cannot recommend just because I have not yet met them. However, I wish I was able to meet every single one of them. Actually, I am planning to hire one, but I want to keep it secret to not revel my identity and so compromise my review relevance.

Let’s start with one of my favorite gay porn stars. The great XL will be here. I have been longing for this man for a long time now. He has been in every To Do List we have published in this blog. You can contact him through his Rentmen ad.

Also a few porn stars I like have ads in Rentmen: Tokyo, Roman Maverick, Mike Maverick, and FreakJuntt.

Do these two escort?

Truly, this boy drives me crazy. Unfortunately, I do not even know his name.

Finally, there are two smoking hot monsters I would love meeting, but I do not know whether or not they are escorting.

My adoration for Krave Melanin is public and limitless. I contacted him in a previous visit to DC, but he quoted me a fee over my budget. His ad in Rentmen has expired. I sent him a DM in Twitter but he did not respond. Perhaps he is not interested in escorting.

I do not even know the name of my other crush. His screen name in Twitter is DeBlondie. His username is thelondonlouie. Let’s call him Louie. The first time I saw him was about one year ago, bottoming for some big star fans page, I do not remember who. I was immediately infatuated, I find this boy unbelievably sexy. However, he vanished.

Recently, I saw him again. Rhyheim Shabazz shot a smoking hot scene with him. I found the video so good, that was one of my evidences to crown Rhyheim King of Vanilla Renaissance. The boy does not seem to have an ad in Rentmen. As I have already decided to hire someone else, I did not reach out to him through Twitter. He is going to be hosting a sex party with Trap and other minor celebrities.

Stay Tuned

Whether or not you are planning to take advantage of these Black Pride 2019 escorts, you should stay tuned. Hopefully, I will have a great experience to report this weekend.

Beyond that, you should do your own research. After all, these are only the guys I find the most appealing. The gay escorts offer in Rentmen DC is way above 200, and quite diverse. Besides, you also have Mintboys DC and other alternative sites if you are looking for better prices.

If you are a client, you have plenty of window shopping to go through. At least 10 pages in Rentmen. Do your homework, create your shopping list, and start making calls as soon as possible.

I already have a prime deal, fortunately.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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