In August 2023, the world continues heating. Porn markets were not an exception. Welcome to another monthly installment of I LIKE PINGA’s PORN DROPS.

Let’s leave Porn and Politics aside for a few paragraphs. The climate is changing faster than expected. It is not only the last few breaking news tragedies in the United States in August 2023. It is worldwide.

It is not even the breaking news, but countless less spectacular events. Think of the agricultural map changing: smaller farmers unable to afford the necessary investments to keep productivity up, and millions of farm workers being displaced worldwide. Please think of the endemics’ maps changing as carrier insects expand their territory. Think of entire towns and cities slowly sinking and millions displaced as sea levels rise. We could go on and on with more examples.

Of course, those with fewer resources to face the crisis suffer the most. We encourage you to act about it. The least you can do is donate some money or volunteer your time if you are unwilling to make the entire move into activism.

We do not want to endorse any organization in particular or put the spotlight on any need (blink, blink, my dollars are going to South America). This blog is read in many different places around the globe. Please look around you and see who is doing anything to support victims of climate change in your community. Could you support them? If you do not find anybody or anything to help, google for something. When you find them, please support them.

After the satisfaction of helping a good cause, it is time to switch to the joy of Porn.

Rhyheim and Sonny

In August 2023, from his Original White House headquarters, Rhyheim & Friends continued his dominance on my screens. Like last month, his OnlyFans is flooded with premium quality productions filmed by EyeFilmz. Usually, this blogger finds it challenging to decide who to highlight, but not this time.

Sonny is becoming a regular collaborator with The Cooperative, which makes us very happy. The illustration above was taken from a clip filmed by Rhyheim during a “private” session. Besides, there is also an outstanding flip-flop entire scene recorded by EyeFilmz. Every time Sonny collaborates with Rhyheim, they produce fire.

Sonny is physically privileged, intelligent, sensitive, and talented for sex. He is one of the most exciting characters orbiting around The Cooperative and deserves more attention from us. If you can afford him, he advertises his escorting services in Rentmen.

Rhyheim and Boe

We also liked a lot Rhyheim’s collaboration with Boe. We did not know this adult entertainer who lives in New York. He is also cast in other collaborations, but this blogger prefers duos. His interaction with Big Bro is full of precious moments of connection and intimacy between two men, as shown above, beautifully documented by EyeFilmz.

Sean zevran and rhyheim Shabazz

Of course, we cannot close this section without highlighting the month’s return. Or should I say debut? My memory may fail, but I think this is the first time Sean Zevran has collaborated independently with Rhyheim since Big Bro became a Porn Brand, and we named his regular collaborators The Cooperative. When they first worked together, Sean was the Porn Brand, and Rhyheim was the new dick everyone wanted to ride. In between, we had their performance for Cockyboys.

Welcome back, Sean. We hope you’ll stay.

voyr logo

This blogger regularly checks to see whether or not we have a launching date. In August 2023, we noticed a change. The message is still “Coming Soon,” but the background design has changed. We are hoping for breaking news.

Without their website, tracking Voyr’s productions in all the many outlets releasing them is hard. This blogger has given up.

When he learned a drag queen and a former member of a Christian music band were collaborating, a Trumpian pastor tweeted that these were the last days. The drag queen tweeted back that she was “just starting” and took her music to the top Christian charts. Read the story at Metroweekly’s “A Drag Queen’s Album is #1 on the iTunes Christian Music Chart.”

Danny an d Elijah

Elijah was quite active in August 2023. From the Summer Palace Gardens, recorded by EyeFilmz, he delivered an outstanding collaboration with Danny. This boy is not making his first but his second good impression on me, as I was already drooling at his performance with Rhyheim a few months ago. Besides his obvious talents, we like him because Danny is not just another White twinkish boy. He is Pink.

Elijah and delatinopapi

Our second pick to highlight is Elijah’s collaboration with Prince Yamaoka. We did not know this performer and hope to see more of him. Anecdotally, I used to dislike tattoos. Fortunately, I could adapt to the new skin landscape. His ink takes my imagination to pre-columbian America, to a jungle of Aztec warriors fucking each other.

Elijah Zayne, sonny and freaky bandit

To close, we chose this threesome, also filmed by EyeFilmz. Elijah, Sonny, and Freaky Bandit deliver an outstanding performance. I am going to repeat myself. I chose this one because it casts Sonny, one of the most exciting characters in the current gay adult entertainment landscape.

Any well-designed educational system includes alternative programs for those who cannot navigate mainstream expectations. In Argentina, these alternative programs run under the umbrella of the Plan FinEs. In August 2023, the program Shirley La Bombon celebrated its first graduate class.

Shierley La Bombon is an educational project that supports members of sexual and gender dissidence to obtain their High School diploma. Unsurprisingly, this experiment is based in Argentina. This South American country is behind in many aspects but at the vanguard on sexual and gender minorities’ rights.

Read the story in Pagina 12 (you may need to use a translator if your reading skills in Spanish are not good).

roxas and inkfit

Once again, EyeFilmz seems to have broken all his productivity records in August 2023. The number of photos, solo, duos, and +threesomes videos is overwhelming to watch and appreciate. It was hard to choose, but we tried. Our first pick is the collaboration between our well-known Roxas and a new fuckable face to me, InkFit. I think I have made a complete switch, and now tattoos turn me on.

foursome eyefilmz 2023

Our second and last pick for this section is this threesome. We are not confident this is new material, although it was posted last month. As EyeFilmz has one of the richest archives in the porn industry, sometimes it is hard to date the works he posts. We chose this one because I am turned on whenever Porfi is on the screen.

There is much more material and excellent quality, but these two pieces stood out the most.

The picture above shows protesters in Utah demonstrating against an August 2023 school district’s ban on the Bible for having “vulgarity and violence” unfit for young children.

This is the hilarious result of a new strategy implemented by progressive groups to turn the table around on the theocrat crazies in the USA. Read everything in Edge’s report.

roxas timtales august 2023

August 2023 was a month of fires all over the world. TimTales was no exception, as Roxas’s return set Barcelona on flames.

threesome timtales august 2023

He was cast not in one but in two releases. His second European spotlight was this threesome with Tim Kruger and Brazilian Jordan.

masked man timtales 2023

To close this section, did you notice Lucas Toblerone? The first thing that came to my mind was a deja vu. When was the last time we saw Timtales introducing a masked Black top with a humongous cock?

The second thing was a smile. Only a Brazilian adult entertainer would choose such a creative and joyful artistic name.

Our fondness for Porfi Maximus is no secret. In August 2023, he performed for Cuttler X’s studio and was highlighted in mainstream porn media. He deserves much more recognition, but some is better than none. Read the article in The Sword.

gael and pixote august 2023

Gael’s OnlyFans is how I learn about and enjoy Voyr+NakedSword releases. In August 2023, his meeting with Andre Pijote was among my favorite ones. As usual with the productions for Rhyheim’s new studio, the man behind the camera is talented Alternativa.

gael and alexis Uriel august 2023

From his independent production, and filmed by Souvoraz, we loved Gael’s collaboration with el novio de México Alexis Uriel.

gael and jp Felipe August 2023

I have to highlight Gael’s collaboration with this unbelievably sexy man. JP Felipe fucks the hell out of the Voyr star. Also from his independent repertoire, this collaboration was filmed by Souvoraz.

gael and augusto

To close this section, let’s bring a Voyr release. Filmed by Alternativa, this collaboration with Augusto probably shook all the buildings in the block of the Voyr Embassy in Rio.

In August 2023, the Washington Post published an interesting opinion piece: Arm the Gays? Unfortunately, the culture war is more than a metaphor. The author reports how, in Dallas’ gay neighborhood, groups of residents are getting armed and organized for self-defense.

I hope you can read the article despite the WaPo’s paywall. My first reaction was laughing at a ridiculous and dangerous idea. We do not believe in citizens’ militias. We do not like the Right Wing ones and are not more fond of those more ideologically close to us.

However, on a second reaction, I thought that perhaps a Gay Army is not such a bad idea as long as we make a few adjustments. See me above, ready for combat. I need bigger weapons, I know.

In our July 2023 edition, we comment on how endlessly White NakedSword’s Endless Summer was. But White studios know where to seek for Color when needing diversity credentials. Max Konnor to the rescue!

alternativa august 2023

In August 2023, JotaPê’s OnlyFans seemed more specialized in backstage shootings than ever. Unfortunately, he now uses a screener that does not allow me to take screenshots to share in my reviews. I took the illustration above from his Twitter.

One of the most appealing posts I found was the backstage of the scene with Estevão released by NakedSword on September 1st. I am leaving that work for our next Porn Drops installment.

I wonder why he only publishes BTS materials and not conventional porn clips. Jotapê, sei que você está me lendo. Sério, acho que você deveria publicar os filmes que faz da mesma forma que quem atua neles.

Sandriias August 2023

Sandriias is the most adorable human alive, but he needs to improve his independent production. His charm works for me, but without independent hot Porn, his adult entertainment career will depend on the porn studios.

In August 2023, he did not publish quality porn work, as he has not collaborated with The Cooperative since July. You will see plenty of mouth-watering videos of jerking off solos and his playful charm, but not premium adult materials.

cyber and Beaux

In August 2023, Guys In Sweat Pants released two new productions. Our favorite one is Liam Cyber and Beaux Banks passionate fuck. As usual, this studio leaves me wishing for Austin to find a way to add quantity to quality.

zee and Denzel BBA august 2023

Black Boy Addictionz was especially masturbatory inspirational in August 2023. They started bringing back Zeke after a year-long hiatus. With Denzel, they deliver outstanding, versatile performances. Hopefully, Zeke returned to stay. However, I am pessimistic. All the clips of this scene have been deleted from BBA’s Twitter.

Densel and Diez BBA august 2023

Besides Zeke’s return, I immensely enjoyed a new boy introduction. His name is Diez and is cast in two videos in August 2023.

The first video is his introduction, where he behaves like the typical BBA newbie: shy, insecure, and only top. Speeding up a process typically much longer (jokingly called BBA BootCamp), he went fully bottom in his second video, cast with lucky Denzel. Watch out this 19 y.o. newbie, he is coming for all.

In August 2023, I started paying more attention to BiLatinMen as I plan a trip to Medellín. Pay attention to the darker-skinned boy above. I want him.

I also loved these two boys. Soon, I will start serious scouting of Chaturbate and see whether I find some of the BLM models.

And that’s all, folks. Let’s dive into September.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga. amig@s!

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