June 2023 NYC Gay Pride

June 2023 finds us celebrating Pride amidst the anti-gay, anti-drag, and anti-trans Conservative reaction. Welcome to another monthly installment of I LIKE PINGA’S PORN DROPS.

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride!

Typically, we have criticized what Gay Pride and Gay Politics have become. However, June 2023 finds us sailing on a Conservative anti-gay, anti-trans, and anti-drag reaction. It is time to join the party, as we returned to when just visibility was a political statement.

I hope you had fun and protested the wave of intolerance and state over-regulation of our bedrooms, schools, and life.

June 2023 @VoyR

June 2023 Rhyheim and fabi

In June 2023, VoyR’s website is still a work in progress. If we want to enjoy the best porn out there, we have to scout through several outlets.

This month’s favorite production was the flip-flop scene with Rhyheim and the Italian God Fabian Divani. You can watch it on their OnlyFans pages. Of course, the magician behind the camera was Alternativa.

June 2023 @The Netflix of Gay Porn

June 2023 naked sword

In June 2023, the Netflix of Gay Porn continued its alliance with VoyR to bring excellent porn to its portal. We have at least three more scenes joining the association’s library. Check this newsletter with a listing of VoyR+NakedSword releases.

Additionally, NakedSword expanded its attractive offers with Guys In Sweat Pants productions. Above, you can see an illustration from Austin Wilde’s Home Videos. We do not have inside intel, but a quick look indicates that GISP shares compilations in its partnership with NakedSword. Its new stuff is still reserved for its website.

Fake Science

As we reported before, a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is supported by the worst of US politics. One of the pseudo-scientific groups backing this reactionary legislation is the American College of Pediatricians. In June 2023, showing the same smarts for tech they have for Science, the group left their Google Drive settings public, and hundreds of thousands of documents were licked out.

The Washington Post took advantage of the gold mine and published a special report. Unfortunately, the information is behind a paywall. However, you can watch the summary by MSNBC illustrating this section. Additionally, you can listen to a podcast produced by The Post. The first three listens are free of charge.

The American College of Pediatricians is a Conservative mini group of 700 doctors, less than 5% of US Pediatricians. Read this report by a recognized professional group: the prestigious American Psychological Association.

June 2023 @Rhyheim’s

June 2023 at Rhyheim's

In June 2023, Rhyheim finished his multi-month sex marathon in Rio. Now back home, he continued posting the fruits of his South American collaborations. One of our favorite videos is the fourgy illustrating this section, filmed by Alternativa. The scene seems to check all the marks for a VoyR production, but it is published in Rhyheim’s with only his OnlyFans watermark.

June 2023 at Rhyheim's

Big Bro’s first collaboration from the Original White House brings excellent news. First, we are introduced to a beautiful and talented creator. Reese Mara left watering my mouth and my dick licking. Second, we have the most significant development in Rhyheim’s production this month.

After a long hiatus, EyeFilmz is back. We were missing his dynamic camera and ability to always frame in the right place and time.

EyeFilmz filmed all of Rhyheim’s collaborations after Reese’s. None of them carries the VoyR watermark. We wonder whether we are witnessing a work division, with EyeFilmz mainly in charge of the camera in the US and Alternativa in Brazil. We also wonder whether EyeFilmz will re-join VoyR’s creative teams or remain to film only Rhyheim’s independent collaborations.

We will see. My guesses have often been wrong, so that we will look forward to future developments. Meanwhile, we celebrate the good news.

A valuable tool for Porn Creators (and Consumers)

porn restrictions

Sophie Ladder, a trans girl and Adult content creator, systematically shares helpful information on her Twitter account. This is not news about June 2023, but I recently found an extraordinary resource and wanted to share it.

She posted an exhaustive report on the restrictions ruling all porn websites where porn creators publish their independent work. The illustration above is just a sample. You can access the entire spreadsheet here. If you are an adult entertainer who often finds their creations banned or flagged, you can find the best website for your niche using this tool. Thank you, Sophie!

Similarly, if you are a consumer looking for niche porn, this tool may work as your GPS to navigate the Pornosphera.

June 2023 @Elijah’s

Elijah June 2023

Although without the Netflix of Gay Porn’s watermark, the Royal Prince shared his debut scene at NakedSword. This threesome includes our favorite Gabriel Coimbra and talented Matheus Matos, filmed in Rio’s White House by Alternativa and produced by Rhyheim.

Junes 2023 at Elijah's OF

The Cooperative is out of the White House in this one. The Royal Prince went to church, and God fucked him. Sor EyeFilmz documented the religious experience. For this blogger, Elijah Zayne and Krave Melanin together is multi-orgasmic triggering porn.

The Next Round

LGBTQ+ rights defenders lost many battles on legislative grounds. In June 2023, the focus shifted to legal fights, with wins for both sides.

Our side is often questioning restrictive and discriminatory legislation in the courts. But sometimes, we are trolling Right Wingers by demanding full enforcement of their medieval laws. Check this case: Freedom From Religion Foundation demands a Colorado school district ban the Bible.

June 2023 @Gael’s

Gael June 2023

Gael is one of the core members of VoyR’s creative team, and his OF is one of the outlets to find some of the studio’s productions. In June 2023, filmed by Alternativa, he shared the screen with Rocco. Not only does the new model bring an appealing contrast with Gael’s more petite and darker build. Besides, he widens the studio’s international brand. Rocco is from Lima, Perú.

Gael June 2023

Gael is not only a lead artist within VoyR’s team. He also is a prolific independent creator. This month, he shared a unique collaboration with Ronney. We did not know this beautiful boy and are thankful for his introduction. Ronney deployed masterful skills in the sack, topping his host in countless positions and diverse rhythms and intensities. Pedro, a less-known talent behind the camera, filmed the meeting. He is the visual artist behind most of Gael’s independent creations.

Counting the members of the Queer Family

If you did not know, you should learn that Argentina has one of the most advanced legislations on LGBTQ+ rights in the world. The sexual dissidence collective has significantly more rights and protections there than in the United States.

To celebrate Pride month, an association between government agencies and academic institutions organized a national census on LGBTQ+ people and their living conditions. The initiative started in June 2023 and ends on July 31st. If you are curious, you can check all the information on this website.

This blogger does not know of any similar effort a national government took. It may be the most exhaustive and extended survey for the LGBTQ+ population.

June 2023 @EyeFilmz’s

EyeFilmz June 2023

I am still smiling at learning EyeFilmz is back to record Big Bro’s collaborations. However, as we have been reporting monthly, the man never stopped. In June 2023, we highlight this scene with Romeo and Loc.

Romeo and Sean Xavier for eyefilmz June 2023

Romeo starred in several collaborations. We cannot ignore his meeting with superstar Sean Xavier.

EyeFilmz June 2023

And to close, I must let you know this collaboration is available. If an afterlife exists, I hope God or Satan, whoever will welcome me, looks and feels like Krave Melanin. Besides, EyeFilmz’s OF continues offering countless backstage photos and clips.

June 2023 @Sean Xavier’s

Sean Xavier June 2023

Sean Xavier continued sharing many selfies, photos & videos, teasing us with his charm. But my favorite materials are the collaborations filmed by EyeFilmz. The threesome with Liam Cyber and GemTattedFrk stands out in June 2023.

Additionally, pay attention. Sean continues offering his escorting services. If you are a fan and into hiring, I would advise you to add his Rentmen profile to your Buddies. He is often touring the country, and you never know when he will be at reach. When I am writing these lines, he is in Vegas.

June 2023 @Sandriias

June 2023 @Sandriias

As Sandriias has become a frequent collaborator with VoyR, his OF is another of the outlets to find the new studio’s productions. However, our pick for June 2023 is one of his independent collaborations.

Filmed by talented Pedro, Sandriias delivers a shining (pun intended) performance topping Gael. The video is captioned “2 VERSÁTIL,” but it is not a flip-flop. My sources tell me another video is coming soon, where they reverse roles. I will probably include it in the July summary, as I am confident it will be a masturbatory nuke.

June 2023 @Guys In Sweat Pants

June 2023 @Guys In Sweat Pants

It is often only two, but three movies made it to Guys In Sweat Pants screen on July 2023. Our pick is this flip-flop scene with classic Beaux Banks and newcomer Benyi. Austin Wilde knows what he is doing.

June 2023 @ BiLatinMen

Does it make any sense to bring up BLM’s performers’ names? We usually do not know who is who, but our favorite scene was posted at the beginning of June 2023: Truth & Real. It makes sense in this case, as it sounds like a funny redundancy.

Did I say we do not know who is who? It is usually like that, but not in this case. In the following scene, we learn that the cute boy who tops in the first video is Truth. In the second clip, he flip-flops with Hang, and it is hot!

June 2023 @BlackBoyAddictionz

BBA @June 2023

Black Boy Addictionz also delivered three movies in June 2023. By the beginning of the month, Michael Galletta‘s studio posted this threesome with Denzel, Bandit, and Stallion.

June 2023 @BlackBoyAddictionz

We tried to pick only one, but we failed. Closing the month, we find Stallion again, but this time digging Kavii. Damn, I wish Kavii lived next door.

June 2023 @TimTales

TimTales at June 2023

TimTales is also making our work difficult. We tried but could not pick only one movie in June 2023. Louis Ricaute looks irresistibly fuckable in this threesome.

TimTales @June 2023

The studio flew to Barcelona Nelson Garcia, a Honduran residing in Ireland. Despite his petite physic, the Latin hottie rode Tim’s legendary cock tirelessly and skillfully. We hope to see more of this Central American beauty.

June 2023 at TimTales

My crush on Louis lasted over a decade, yet I cannot pick only one video with him. How could I? How to leave out of our monthly summary his outstanding fuck with Dominant Big Dick God Caio Veyron? Get your lube, friends.

TimTales June 2023

We also had a short-lasting crush on Jason Vario a few years ago. I would go crazy with his bottoming performances. In his TimTales debut, he fucks Nick Fros. It was such a pleasure to see him back on our screens. I do not know what happened with this Canadian God after I stopped following him.

And that’s all, folks. Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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