September 2023 was a wet month, indeed. Welcome to another installment of our monthly I LIKE PINGA’S PORN DROPS. The news was about heat waves, droughts, and wildfires in August. Last month, we were soaking in mud and water, and we saw Manhattan sinking. Fortunately, it is always Spring in the Pornuinverse!

September 2023 voyr

We thought we would announce VoyR’s independent website launching in September 2023. However, we are still waiting. Perhaps next month? Our sources tell us that it may happen anytime.

Meanwhile, the studio keeps releasing productions and publishing in different outlets. Today, we will highlight our favorite scenes from the association between VoyR and NakedSword, even when the Netflix of Porn continues branding the videos with Rhyheim’s name instead of his studio’s.

Watch the meeting between the old and new The Cooperative. On one side, Estevão was a frequent rider in the epic beginnings of the collective. Conversely, Gael is currently The Cooperative’s Number One ambassador (with Alternativa) in Brazil. Puro fogo.

Our next pick is between two frequent riders in the last two years, also Brazilian beauties. Yuri Santana is mesmerizing on the screens, triggering instant boners. His partner in this scene, Jônatas, not only makes me want him every time I see him. Besides, his remarkable beauty infects me with contemplative admiration. There is something peaceful and harmonious irradiating from within him.

To close, we chose Rhandy Junior and Sandriias, two representatives of the last wave joining The Cooperative. We are ecstatic to see someone as new in the industry as Sandriias getting access to mainstream porn screens.

Never forget, all movies branded as VoyR’s productions, or in this case, RHYHEIM’s, are filmed by Brazilian Alternativa, a rising star in the industry.

Good religion

I am a recalcitrant Atheist, convinced that religious thinking is dangerous and irrational. However, I was glad to see a Christian church standing against the Christian theocrats who gained control of the government in Texas.

This is when I like religion. I join my religious brothers and sisters when their beliefs are not a weapon to divide us and inspire hate but a force of communion around human nature, a support for coping with our mortality. Good things are happening in Theocrat America.

Disruptive Films

disruptive fims september 2023

Do you like plot-driven porn? If that is the case, you may want to try Disruptive Films. They feature very well-filmed and acted porn. It is interesting to see how performers who can badly parrot a line in other porn outlets become proficient actors here. I guess the director(s) have a good dramatic sense and knowledge.

Join Now if that is what you like. You can also explore some campaign trades they offer. The illustration above is from the third episode of For You, I Will, featuring Carter Woods and Theo Brady.

September 2023 @Rhyheim’s OF

Besides his long-distance duties VoyR founder and producer, Big Bro has also attended to his closer-distance obligations. September 2023 started with his collaboration with the unleashed giant Rocky. Although he is not bigger than Rhyheim, a giant himself, there are some angles where he seems to handle Big Bro like a boy toy—those few seconds made me extremely horny. Thank you, EyeFilmz.

Rhyheim posted 8 minutes of his meeting with Deon X, promising more. On the one hand, it is unfortunate we have not yet seen the rest of this collaboration. On the other, These eight minutes are a refreshing break.

As independent porn has become more produced, it has also gained in artificiality and staging. This was an unplanned meeting, with no cameraperson but the classic POV. Everything seems more natural and, for this blogger, way hotter. Just Deon’s moaning is a good enough reason to join Rhyheim’s OnlyFans.

rhyheim onlyfans september 2023

We cannot ignore this collaboration. Two big stars from the studio visiting the White House are news. However, this blogger did not like it. This planned collaboration between Malik Delgaty, Dillon Roman, and Rhyhem, filmed by EyeFilmz, delivered precisely the opposite of the eight minutes we celebrated before.

Perhaps Dillon showed more engagement, although unfocused and easily distracted by the camera. Malik did not seem to be there like he was thinking of someone or something else. Rhyheim delivered his best, although he should have spanked these partners.

rhyheim Elijah cream September 2023

Usually, we pick no more than three pieces to highlight each month. In September 2023, we failed, yet too many good things were left out. Above is a sample from a threesome with the Royal Couple and our favorite newbie of the month, CJ, filmed by EyeFilmz in the White Castle.

rhyheim September 2023

The illustration above is a sample from another extraordinary collaboration with a newbie, filmed by EyeFilmz. BestOfBoth and Rhyheim deliver a smoking-hot, versatile performance.

Rhyheim and unicorn horn September 2023

We still have more in Rhyheim’s Onlyfans! How could I not highlight his collaboration with this beautiful muscular giant, UnicornHorn? Also a new face for us, he starts the interaction as a fully submissive bottom colossus, but towards the end, he shows talent as a top.

My friends, there is more hot stuff, but we must move on. Just do not forget, joining Rhyheim’s OnlyFans costs only 9.99. Not only the price is that low, but to make it even better, it gives you full access. There are no baits here. Your membership gives you full access without extra purchases. How many OF creators give us full access for the basic membership fee?

Good things happen in California

Besides porn performers and stars parading to Rhyheim’s bedroom, other good things also happen in the free state of California. Read this report in LGBTQ Nation. I wish people in the Theocratic states of Florida and Texas were willing to live in and fight for a free state like Californians are.

September 2023 @Elijah’s OF

Porfi and Elijah Zayne September 2023

In September 2023, the Royal Prince took Lord Porfi for a stroll in the Summer Palace Gardens. Of course, they ended fucking, and everything was documented bt the Royal Historian EyeFilmz.

foursome Elijah September 2023

Later, the Prince invited friends to hang out in the White House. Of course, they ended fucking. They always end fucking. Enjoy Elijah, BestOfBoth, Rio Grande, and Ty Santana playing in the Whiteness.

We are especially impressed at Ty Santana‘s evolution. He does not stop getting hotter and hotter. My apologies, I meant to say better and better.

Although Elijah is not a prolific independent creator, his quality is consistently premium, his membership is only 9.99, and he provides full access without hidden fees.

Pitiful Drops September 2023

max konnor September 20

Amidst showers of hot porn, September 2023 also brought us a few pathetic drops. First of all, Max Konnor flashed his deeply hurt ego without even realizing it. Read above. I took a screenshot of his Tweet because there is a chance that he is smart enough to delete it. Obviously, it is a meager possibility. I wonder how many creators rejected his offer to collaborate.

diesel washington September 2023

Another Gay porn dinosaur in a speedy way to irrelevance if not already there, Diesel Washington has been ranting for weeks now against women and trans in gay porn. His language is shockingly misogynistic and transphobic, and his reasoning shows evidence of conspiracist stupidity. I do not think he is stopping. This is not a schizophrenic episode but an unleashed race to the fringe.

September 2023 @EyeFilmz’s OF

boe and sean zebran by eyefilmz September 2023

EyeFilmz went on in September 2023 with his most prolific porn season ever! Out of the abundant works, we picked the collaboration between Boe, the newcomer introduced to us by Big Bro last month, and veteran Sean Zevran.

eyefilmz September 2023

EyeFilmz documented many collaborations with Boe. In the one above, he bottoms for Rocky and leaves me writing with a hardon.

eyefilmz September 2023

Boe delivers a masturbatory nuke to close these highlights, digging the hell out of Ty Santana. These two performers are growing on me, inspiring parts of me to grow. Damn, look at Ty’s face above!

Falcon’s Endless Summer

After they brought their regular Black guy to an otherwise very White Summer series, Falcon found some actual Talent of Color. Enjoy above a small sample of Sonny Blonde‘s debut in mainstream gay porn, with very fuckable Vincent O’Reilly.

For showing the good sense to recognize his talent, perhaps the studio deserves you to bless them with your dollars. You can check their content here, and if you like it, join here.

September 2023 @Guys In Sweat Pants

Greyson gucks river September 2023

Of the two movies released by the studio in September 2023, we chose to highlight Grayson fucks River. The scene marks the return of a popular performer, Grayson Lane, who brought his friend River to debut in porn.

September 2023 @Gael’s OF

gael and the Dominican September 2023

September 2023 was a prolific month in Gael’s OnlyFans. Our first pick is his collaboration with LatinDick. I thought this Dominican god was only top, but he stunned me with an inhibited, versatile performance. Souvoraz documented this masturbatory-inspirational interaction.

Gael and Jonatas september 2023

We had seen a meeting between these Brazilian geishas, but it was just a moment of intimacy that EyeFilmz stole. This time, Gael and Jônatas deliver a full collaboration recorded by Souvoraz. Grab the lube before watching it.

gael and Marty smith September 2023

We adored the interaction between Gael and a new face for us, Czech Marty Smith. Souvoraz also documented this collaboration.

Andy soy platano gael threesome September 2023 voyr

To close, we have a threesome. This time under VoyR’s brand and filmed by Alternativa. Andy Rodrigues, Diego, and Gael play on the White couch, infecting us with their tesão.

September 2023 @Alternativa’s OF

Alex rosso and Rhyheim september 2023

Jotapê spent September 2023 teasing us with the imminent launching of VoyR’s website. He used 10-minute clips of what seemed to be materials not yet released. We want to highlight a pure Neo Vanilla scene with a versatile performance by Rhyheim and Venezuelan Alex Rosso.

It is too soon to tell, but the few clips he shared filled me with hope. I’m not too fond of the Whitening Whiteness in the co-productions with Naked Sword. The teasing clips show more background diversity and no whitening of the performers’ skin tones.

italo Andrade by alternativa September 2023

Besides those teasing clips and several Backstage videos, JotaPê shared a few photos from a new essay picturing Italo Andrade. This blogger thinks Jotapê’s photographic exploration is considerably more interesting than what he has (so far) shown in VoyR.

I love this particular set of photos because I can feel their South American soul. I can breathe the Amazonia in the constellation of model, tattoos, jewelry, plants, and colors. At the same time (I am sure this is a coincidence), they are perfect for the Fall season in the USA.

Closer to the gutter than ever

John Waters got his Walk of Fame star in Hollywood. I cannot write anything better than his acceptance speech.

September 2023 @BiLatinMen

These are our two picks from BiLatinMen for September 2023. This month, next-door horny boys having premium sex. Hot.

September 2023 @Black Boys Addictionz

kilo & Zeke BBA September 2023

BBA released three videos in September 2023. We liked two of them. The first one features Zeke and Kilo. We are glad Zeke returned and Hope he will not vanish again.

diez and bandit bra September 2023

Our second pick is Diez’s bottoming debut. He graduated in record time from the training boot camp, and bottoms in this scene for the second time. He and veteran Bandit deliver a sweaty, versatile performance.

Muscular Bears in Action

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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